Ashley Dupre, call girl and pop singer.

Governor Eliot Spitzer's little indiscretion with Ashley Alexandra Dupré (see photos) has created quite a buzz on the internet. Bloggers have been posting like crazy from the news of the scandal breaking, to Spitzer's resignation and now they are focusing their attentions towards Ashley Dupre. Dupre, or 'Kristen' as she was known has become an unwitting internet star. Or perhaps not so, unwitting as she hasn't yet set her myspace profile to private.

Dupre's page has a song on it which has been played 2068901 times, and I'm fairly sure that's not due to it's quality. It seems her work at the Emperors Club came second to her dreams of being a singer. Her encounter with the governor of New York may well help to launch her career. I would bet that she has a recording contract by the end of the week. The song, called 'what we want' is standard R&B, the beats are a bit dull and the vocals basic. With a bit of a remix it could become a hit, which says a lot about the state the charts are in.

The song is produced by Simon Illa of Unbreakable Music Group, who is, I'm guessing somewhat pleased about all the publicity.

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